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Grill'd in Fairfield

posted Mar 27, 2015, 3:48 AM by Web Master   [ updated Mar 27, 2015, 3:51 AM ]
Lisa has received this. If you're looking for a night out for any reason, consider this - and drop your token (I think it's a crown seal) into the 4th Kew bottle.

Grill'd Fairfield

Hi Lisa,

We’ve got some great news!

4th KEW Scouts will be on a Local Matters jar at Grill’d Fairfield this April.

We wanted to give you a heads up before the month kicks off so you have time to spread the word to your members and friends and encourage them to head into Grill’d Fairfield during April to help support your group. The group with the most tokens in their jar at the end of the month is the winner of the $300 so the more people that come in and put a token in your jar, the better your chances of winning.

Also, don’t be a stranger! Please make sure when you or any of your members pop in for a burger, that you come say ‘hi’ – it would be great to meet you in person!

Give me a buzz anytime with any questions you might have and good luck for Local Matters this April.

Damian Black
Grill'd Fairfield
126 Station St

03 9481 2566