Post date: Aug 29, 2014 9:30:55 AM

Dear Fundraising Committee members and leaders and Kirsten,

The good news is that the majority want to go ahead (well, actually, no one said "no"), and we had some lively and productive discussion last night at our urgent meeting, as well as in the preceding flurry of emails and chats.  All agreed that working together and that sense of "community" exemplify the Scouts traditions and ethics which we want our kids and the wider community to experience.

However - this morning we found out that due to a procedural error Bunnings got the dates mixed up.  The 13 September had in fact been allocated to someone else!  So instead they have offered us Sunday 12 October 2014 and apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The great thing about this is it gives us more time to prepare ourselves.

So we would be immensely grateful if those of you who offered their assistance for the original date of 13 September can now transfer the same assistance to 12 October date instead.

In the meantime Fiorina and I can email the Scouts' public liability statement to Bunnings and prepare and send to Lisa, Debbie W and Kirsten the details required for the roster.  We can also send an email to all 4th Kew families to let them know about the bbq and to encourage them to get involved.  Debbie W and Kirsten have also agreed to promote the bbq and elicit support for the roster at forthcoming Cubs and Scouts sessions.

Cheers and thanks again for your support and knowledge-sharing,

Rob and Fiorina