Fire station visit (22 May 2014)

Post date: May 20, 2014 7:40:44 AM

Parent drivers needed!

This Thursday is emergency visit.

We will be going to the fire station on Doncaster Road in Greythorn, but due to the small size of this station they can only see half the troop at once.


It has been suggested that we have 2 patrols get driven to the station at the start of the night (no later then 7:30) and have a 45 min tour. These 2 patrols will then walk back to the hall with their 2 leaders/parents.


While this is happening the other 2 patrols with 2 leaders/parents will walk to the station (total 3km) to arrive at about 8:15 and then have their 45min tour. We will then need drivers to collect the scouts from the station and get them back to the hall for closing parade just after 9pm


As we will have at most 14 people doing either trip, I would ask for parents to give an indication of which trip they can help with. Drop off or pick up.


Contact Euan Anderson on