Billy Karts and Cohen Shield 2014 at Clifford Park

Post date: Aug 29, 2014 8:49:33 AM

Come for one day or the other, or stay over for both

Saturday 13th Sept

Sunday 14th Sept

Cohen Shield 2014

Great fun filled day winding back the clock to the excitement of BP visiting the Frankston Jamboree. This year topics are: Construction, Cooking, First Aid, Navigation and Scout skills. Some equipment will be supplied but as in other years we ask you to also bring along some gear for your patrol. Please see equipment list for full details when you register.

Opening Parade 8:20 am, Closing 3:10 pm, Flag down & home 3:50 pm

FOr more details, download the PDF document below.

2014 Billy Kart Challenge

Take part in an exciting day including 3 special events for the whole Patrol.

Registration opens at 8 am for an excitement filled day of speed and adventure - Closing 4:30.

For more details, download the two PDF documents below.

Directions to Clifford Park are under the Resource Centre tab on this website. Or click here.

Booking for Billy Karts, Cohen and Camping can all be made at

Information and links availabla on MYScout or see your Dlstrict Leader-Scouts

Check out the other Cohen venues at MyScout too.