2011-10-07 Jamboree 2013

Post date: Oct 07, 2011 7:4:44 AM

13,000 Scouts and their Leaders from all over Australia will arrive in Maryborough Showgrounds

and Equestrian Park to attend the 23rd Australian Scout Jamboree (AJ2013)

We’ll be READY – will you?

So we invite you to Dream It Live It at AJ2013, in the beautiful Fraser Coast Region.

On average a Jamboree will consume more than 80 tonnes of food, hire more than 120 buses a day to take close to 4,000 Youth and Leaders off-site to the local attractions. AJ2013 will be a mini city in Maryborough as it will have its own mall, radio Station, newspaper, medical centre, it’s very own security as well as loads of onsite and offsite activities.

Camp Chief of AJ2013 and Chief Commissioner of Scouts Queensland, Mr Maurice Law AM, said “that January 2013 will be a jam-packed month for the city of Maryborough; we would expect that the Jamboree will give a boost to businesses in Maryborough and surrounding districts”.



2013 promotional video (featuring the 2010 Jamboree near Wollongong) on YouTube athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uflh2bwHlEE