Post date: Mar 07, 2015 4:26:13 AM

Hi all 4th Kew Families:

We will be participating in Scouts Victoria’ “Monster Raffle 2015” to raise money for our group, as well as having the opportunity to win great prizes! We are asking each family to sell at least one book of 10 tickets ($2 each ticket). The books will initially be distributed at Cubs and Scouts this Monday and Thursday. (Venturer families – please reply directly to arrange pickup.)

You will be allocated one book per family but you can take as many as you like. You can return tickets (sold and unsold) and money to:

                Fiorina or Robert Eisler

                Julie Douglas

                Bob Palamara

Please return by Friday 22nd May at the latest. This means you have 3 months, but you are encouraged to return sooner so we can avoid a last minute rush. If you need more books during this time, just let me know.


Robert (Bob) Palamara

Raffle Coordinator

0438 375 785